Safety and security

Safety and security

Our company’s offers include such an essential service as customized provisions for safety and security of corporate groups and VIPs in Sochi and other resort destinations on the Black Sea coast. The most important components of such B2B services can be delivered by our staff either independently, or in cooperation with profiled associates from the National Association of Bodyguards of Russia (NAST) and the Visao Risk Management Group (VRMG). Our goal and duty is to mitigate any virtually possible risk during your group's stay in Sochi. In particular, we aim to:

  • mitigate threats to participants’ personal safety and health;

  • protect the company's reputation. This type of risks might arise from any employee’s inappropriate actions tarnishing the good name of the employer;

  • protect the participants’ personal belongings and the company’s assets.

Our objective is to provide the utmost assistance to the customer’s authorized divisions responsible for management of the above-mentioned risks as early as the event’s or the trip’s planning stage. At this point, we conduct unbiased and thorough analysis of various issues related to the program of stay.

All the likely risks and potentially dangerous scenarios need to be assessed, as well as a range of provisions need to be examined and observed, for the sake of the customer’s staff security: we take over to scrutinize policies, compile guidelines (e.g., Rules of Conduct in an Emergency), design contingency plans and schemes (e.g., emergency evacuation plans), deal with insurance, technical and operational issues. On completion of the above-mentioned tasks, we develop a customized tour-specific or event-specific corporate security plan and assign a dedicated safety supervisor in charge of your program. During the group stay or travel, we implement the above-said plan in a series of safeguard measures, as well as undertake energetic emergency response and emergency relief activities (for example, evacuation or hospitalization) in case of an emergency.

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