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We provide top quality qualified guides. The best professional language interpreters, tour guides, hostesses, project and operational managers, coordinators are at your service.

We provide expertise on a scope of issues related to corporate and individual tours and events in Sochi and in other southern resort destinations (in Krasnodar region, Abkhazia, Adygea). The aim of our consultations is to introduce to you all the available tourism opportunities and highlight further prospects. Our expert knowledge transfer services benefit our joint planning of your event in Sochi by the following interconnected parameters:

- the event’s efficiency in terms of the results achieved compared to the expected outcomes,

- the events’ costs and budget optimization for your best ROI,

- the top-notch quality services during your event.

Our knowledge transfer services include:

  • familiarization tours to all sites and venues in Greater Sochi region, that are promising in terms of tourism development. Such a fam trip can last from one to three days, depending on the detail level required;

  • expert visits to sites of your choice, for you to see and get the feeling of all attractions and venues that you are interested in;

  • recommendations on selecting the right facilities and venues, hotels, meeting halls and restaurants;

  • appointments with prospective service providers and suppliers;

  • expert advice on logistics of getting around the destination and information about local infrastructure.

Our advice and practical recommendations will be benefit your successful implementation of most creative and high-end projects in the Russian southern resort destinations.

Programs and tours Accommodation

We recommend you the best hotels in Sochi and along the Black Sea coast for corporate groups and individual tourists. We will help you book a room at the hotel of your choice, as well as to block all or some rooms at any hotel that is right for your group, ...

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Why us

The Fordewind company is an energetic, close-knit, dedicated team of tourism and recreation professionals. Our offices are based in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana...

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