Krasnodar krai

Krasnodar krai in Russia has been pre-destined by nature to be a holiday destination. This warm region is enjoyed in any season by holiday-makers at the resorts of Anapa, Eisk, Sochi, Tuapse and Gelendzhik. Miles and miles of pebble beaches, luxury restaurants, cafes and bars have recently acquired European-like glamour. The sensation of soft Black Sea waves is a quick cure-for-all, a relief from work strain, blues and exhaustion. The healing effects of the Black Sea water are famed in legends.

Whatever age or interests, any vacationer can find here a choice of activities to enjoy. Some holiday-makers come for snorkeling, others for mountaineering, or downhill skiing, some prefer hiking. When the Sun goes down, the entire coastline turns bright with streetlights and garlands. Relaxed visitors indulge themselves in fine dining, champagne and delicious cuisine at lively restaurants, cafes and bars. Pop stars tour the area with their latest hits. All this is worth seeing, for it is impossible to find adequate epithets and simile to describe this atmosphere of pleasure and desire.

Now, let us say a few words about geography of Krasnodar krai, the Russia’s most southern region in every sense of the word ‘southern’. People joke, that only the Black Sea is more southern. The region is situated on the latitude of northern areas of Italy and southern provinces of France. Administratively, Krasnodar krai encompasses 38 districts and 28 towns. This huge territory is larger than some European states. It is washed by the Azov and the Black seas, that contribute to the region’s inimitable climate, known for the steady transgression from the cold alpine zone in the mountains to the subtropical Black sea coast. In the peak of summer, the thermometer on the sea shore normally reads plus 25 degrees Celsius, whereas in the mountains it is by 12 degrees cooler. In winter the average temperature on the Black Sea shore never goes below + 5◦C. In the mountains it can fall down to minus 8◦C. This phenomenon can be aerotherapeutic, like the contrast shower hydrotherapy, if you bask on the warm beach before lunch and then visit the cooler mountain resorts in the afternoon.


The resort city of Sochi stands out among other international sea resorts as the second longest city in the world, stretching for 147 km along the Black sea. Its vast area features a wealth of venues and options, tailored to different tastes and expectations. ...

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The Fordewind company is an energetic, close-knit, dedicated team of tourism and recreation professionals. Our offices are based in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana...

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