Krasnodar krai

Krasnodar krai in Russia has been pre-destined by nature to be a holiday destination. This warm region is enjoyed in any season by holiday-makers at the resorts of Anapa, Eisk, Sochi, Tuapse and Gelendzhik. Miles and miles of pebble beaches, luxury restaurants, cafes and bars have recently acquired European-like glamour. The sensation of soft Black Sea waves is a quick cure-for-all, a relief from work strain, blues and exhaustion. The healing effects of the Black Sea water are famed in legends.

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The resort city of Sochi stands out among other international sea resorts as the second longest city in the world, stretching for 147 km along the Black sea. Its vast area features a wealth of venues and options, tailored to different tastes and expectations. To those who avoids getting stuck in one locality, Sochi offers a variety of tours – hiking, horse-back riding, motor tourists' routes and programs.

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Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is one of the most scenic and beautiful world-class alpine ski resorts. It is located 40 kilometers from Adler at 600 meters above sea level. The valley is surrounded by magnificent mountain ridges and peaks of about 3 thousand meters – the Main Caucasian Range, the five-headed Aibga and Achishho mountains. Three alpine resorts offer several cableways to the ski tracks and mountain slopes, the fourth ski resort is about to be commissioned soon.

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Gelendzhik is a well-known popular Russian resort with a peculiar history. Whatever delights the southern seafront nature has to offer, can be found here – sunny beaches, sea and waterfalls, mountains and forests, vine yards and fruit gardens. Gelendzhik is not only a sea resort but a climatological balneological health centre. The local climate provides healing effects on humans.

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Abkhazia – called ‘Apsny’ in the Abkhazian language, i.e. ‘the Land of Soul’ –borders in the north on the Greater Caucasian Range slopes and is washed by the Black Sea in the south. The Western boarder (between Abkhasia and the Russian Federation) follows the Psou river, while the Inguri river in the East separates Abkhazia from Georgia.

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Adygeya (Lago-Naki)

Lago-Naki is one of the most beautiful locations in the highlands of Adygeya. Holidaymakers encounter here heavenly landscapes that embrace the seemingly bottomless lakes and ringing streams, roaring waterfalls and mysterious caves, magnificent peaks and blue glaciers, plains and alpine meadows, majestic forests and sheer cliffs.

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Why us

The Fordewind company is an energetic, close-knit, dedicated team of tourism and recreation professionals. Our offices are based in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana...

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